Cute Stacking Educational Toys


Cute Stacking Educational Toys

Cute Stacking Educational Toys

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: Children Montessori Wooden Animal Balance Blocks Board Games Toy Dinosaur Educational Stacking High Building Block Wood Toy Boys. Early education of balanced games, shaping & enhancing a variety of abilities, enhancing concentration, shaping willpower, and enhancing children's emotional control ability and anti-frustration ability. Cute and interesting animal shapes, master balance and gameplay, enlightenment early education toys, simple and easy-to-use gameplay, and give full play to the imagination of the brain. Scientific color matching, cultivate keen color perception, brilliant colors without losing freshness, attract attention, and enrich children's color cognition. Focus on exercising balance and be determined to succeed. A toy that allows babies to improve their concentration, stay away from electronic screens and take care of small eyes. Specification: Material: Wooden Size Chart: Package Size: 19.5x19.5cm/7.68x7.68inch Package Includes: 1 Set Wooden Animal Balance Blocks Board Games Note: Color might be slightly different due to the color calibration of each individual monitor. Please allow slightly measuring deviation due to manual measurement.


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