Kids Infant Fall Toddler Head Cap

+ 配送料¥2,049

Kids Infant Fall Toddler Head Cap

価格: ¥4,099
¥4,099 + 配送料¥2,049





The new concept of baby head protection expert baby toddler headgear 360 wrap-around head protection a helmet but not a helmet is only carefully designed for babies to protect childrens heads. *The head circumference of the hat can be adjusted at will, which is more suitable for babies with different head circumferences. *The scientific design of the hat brim completely blocks the suns damage to the baby. *Every parent hopes that every part of the child can be well protected. Parents, whether you are the mom or dad of a boy or a girl, they are worried that their children will bump into it. Our protective cap is a good solution because it can protect children's heads well. Children can also witness the fantastic world.


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