Truvani plant based usda certified organic protein powder, vanilla, 20.9oz (1pk, 20 servings)

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Truvani plant based usda certified organic protein powder, vanilla, 20.9oz (1pk, 20 servings)

Truvani plant based usda certified organic protein powder, vanilla, 20.9oz (1pk, 20 servings)

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Brand: Truvani Features: Premium, Hand-Selected Ingredients: Nourish your body with Truvani organic protein powder; Our selection of premium ingredients is hand-selected to support a clean, healthy & full lifestyle; Enjoy a variety of decadent flavors with vegan ingredients Clean Formula, Free of Additives & Fillers: You deserve products that are free of artificial sweeteners, additives & fillers; Truvani plant-based, pea protein powder has no soy, wheat, dairy, gluten, or stevia; We use organic monk fruit for the perfect touch of sweetness Certified USDA Organic: Our plant protein powder is certified USDA Organic, as well as being non-GMO, stevia-free & vegan-friendly; With simple ingredients & a straightforward label, you can trust that our protein powder is supporting your health journey Delicious & Smooth Protein Shake: Add a scoop to your morning smoothie or post-workout shake for a delicious protein boost. Our organic ingredients provide a rich flavor without a chalky or grainy texture Supports Muscle Recovery & Gain: Our dairy-free protein provides your muscles with protein, allowing you to build & maintain healthy, lean muscles; Satisfy your sweet tooth while boosting protein intake & supporting muscle maintenance Binding: Health and Beauty Details: There are many plant-based protein powders on the market, & you might be wondering, Why Truvani’s Plant-Based Protein Powder? Where do I start... Here at TRUVANI, we believe in only using premium essential ingredients that's why our low carb protein powder contains only 5 pure ingredients: Organic Pea Protein Organic Chia Seed Protein Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Organic Vanilla Powder Organic Luo Han Guo We don't believe in adding fillers, Preservatives, Additives or artificial flavors. 100% USDA Certified Organic ingredients all passing the prop 65 Heavy metal test. Does it taste nice you may ask? Well, I can safely say that it tastes delicious thanks to using no Stevia & only using the cleanest purest ingredients available. So if you are fed up of drinking those horrible tasteless chemically protein shakes & are looking for a healthy delicious alternative then our organic plant protein powder is everything you've been looking for. There 4 key benefits from taking our plant-based protein powder: It helps maintain appetite & control any unhealthy cravings you may have throughout the day. It isn't grainy or chalky when mixed with any liquid allowing you to get a consistent liquid supplement. Allowing you to rid of those clumpy disgusting protein shakes. It also gives you the same energy with no heaviness or sluggish feeling afterwards. It is so good that you can easily drink it as a quick meal that lasts you. TRUVANI Protein breakdown: 20 grams of protein per serving 130 calories per serving 20 servings per bag Gluten, Dairy, Soy Free Paleo Friendly Try our pea protein risk-free today You will not be disappointed EAN: 0851856008043 Package Dimensions: 11.3 x 8.4 x 2.6 inches

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