Neck Support Brace Cervical Collar

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Neck Support Brace Cervical Collar

Neck Support Brace Cervical Collar

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BREATHABLE AND DURABLE MATERIAL: of polyester and sponge, super lightweight, soft, skin-friendly, breathable, comfortable, warm and durable, very easy to wear. size fits for most of men, women, youth, elderly, boys, girls * RELIEVE NECK PRESSURE: The neck support brace can produce sufficient heat to the neck. Providing support while the area and relax the muscles, effectively relieve stiffness in the neck or shoulders, to restore the natural cervical curve, to relieve headache and migraine or to support spinal decompression. can reduce the amount of analgesics you take * PROMOTE BLOOD CIRCULATION: The innovative neck rest can improve partial and whole body's circulation, relieves pain due to strains and sprains around the neck, promote fracture healing and improve neck strength, reduce back and shoulder pains, correct your neck posture, accelerate soft tissue healing, improve the flexibility and increase extensibility of coll tissues, assist healing and may prevent further injury * MULTI-USE: Indicated for the rehabilitation period after injuries, surgeries or strains of the cervical spine. Besides therapeutic and medicinal use, it can be used when you're sleeping in the home, travelling on planes, working in the office. It can keep the posture aligned and to avoid discomfort * CARRY TO ANYWHERE: Size: M (suitable for neck circumference: 30-43 cm), L (suitable for neck circumference: 32-44 cm). Enough small size to keep in your handbag wherever you go, it's always within easy reach when you need it


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