Bread Proofing Basket Set

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Bread Proofing Basket Set

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¥5,190 + 配送料¥999





Natural Rattan Basket: Includes two natural rattan, 9 inch round bannetons perfect for baking a beautiful bread loaf. This kit includes the best bread proofing basket to make sourdough bread / artisan bread. ^Chemical and Dye Free (Odor Free): No one wants to proof their bread in a banneton that has been made with dyes and chemicals Thats why we made sure our basket chemical and dye free. No more worrying about what chemicals you could be consuming ^Relax: Theres something about the smell of baking bread that creates a feeling of comfort and cosiness and the very act of making something with your hands can improve your mental health^Very Beginner Friendly: This set includes everything you need to proof dough two 9 inch round bannetons with linen lining, a plastic dough scraper, a cleaning brush a scoring knife with 5 extra blades. It also includes full instructions for use/care and 5 free bread recipes to get you started ^



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