Mini Hand Held Digital 4-digit Counters1pcswhite


Mini Hand Held Digital 4-digit Counters1pcswhite

Mini Hand Held Digital 4-digit Counters1pcswhite

希望小売価格: ¥4,399
価格: ¥3,399
得する金額: ¥1,000 (22%)
¥3,399 配送料無料




Uses: Widely used for various data statistics, the number of people attending meetings and parties, the number of aircraft boarding, cargo inventory, originally used for chanting scriptures Material: Brand new ABS The plastic burrs are trimmed cleanly, the color looks bright, and there are many products on the market that are made from recycled materials and are cheap 1. Product description This counter adopts high-tech technology, and the core uses precise gear transmission. Compared with the traditional ordinary counter: it has a long service life, no need for batteries, and the work is more stable; it is light in weight and easy to carry; the display is more intuitive. 3. Matters needing attention Hand-pressed button counter, the shell is made of plastic steel ABS, durable, beautiful in appearance, comfortable button, widely used in various data statistics, conference attendance, traffic flow, aircraft number, laboratory analysis and counting, cargo inventory, etc. In statistical occasions, the counter has the advantages of long service life, reliability, wide adaptability to the environment, easy to use and easy to carry. Quantity delivered: 1 piece (the product does not include battery) Product color: white Product size: about 4.3cm*5.2cm


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