Metal Bbq Grill Cleaning Brush

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Metal Bbq Grill Cleaning Brush

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¥4,099 + 配送料¥2,049





grill brush: it is a universal grill brush that can be used with a variety of gas grills to quickly and efficiently clean large surface charcoal grills, grills, porcelain grills, infrared grills and all types such as weber grill or foreman grill. *Easy cleaning: bbq grill brush with a unique design, this 18" long grill brush combines three brushes into one, each with its own identical stroke. get ready to clean every bit of residue with its innovative 360-degree spin. your grate will look instantly new with our grill grate cleaner *Extemded : the long, sturdy has a better grip, it keeps you away from the heat from the grill and protects your hands from burns, while the ergonomic makes it easier for you to apply as much as possible stress you can. *Durable and durable: made of stainless steel and plastic s, the grill brushes last longer, durable and easy to use. it also comes with a sturdy ring for hanging the grill brush. *Easy to clean and carry: no extra power required, easy to use indoors and outdoors. grill cleaner is also an ideal gift for any grill master and grill lover. *


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