4pcs Satin Hat Soft Nightcap For Girl

+ 配送料¥599

4pcs Satin Hat Soft Nightcap For Girl

4pcs Satin Hat Soft Nightcap For Girl

価格: ¥2,999
¥2,999 + 配送料¥599




Material: made of satin, polyester and fa ic, the sleeping cap feels soft and supple and is comfortable to wear; Due to the usual size with elastic band, the cap fits most people. Color: Plain or classic color with floral patterns make nightcap go well with outfits and the tastes of the catering women. Features: Its exquisite design will match a pajama so you can enjoy the sleep time. The sleepyhead can protect your hairstyle, avoid rubbing and frizzing, and give it a new look the next morning. Applicable Occasions: The headgear for sleeping keeps the hairstyle while sleeping, holds the hair in makeup, face washing and showering. You can also use it to disrupt hair during household chores. You have: 4 pieces of sleeping hats in 4 colors that correspond to daily use and exchange.
  • ブランド: Unbranded
  • カテゴリー:
  • 年齢層: kids
  • 性: female


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