Octopus Squeaky Toys For Dog

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Octopus Squeaky Toys For Dog

Octopus Squeaky Toys For Dog

価格: ¥3,649
¥3,649 + 配送料¥1,999





No Stuffing Dog Toys: The plush octopus(blue+orange) has nothing stuffed inside which will be much safer for dogs to chew and bit. You won't worry that your pet may get suffocated or swallow something indigestible. Interactive Squeak and Crinkle: Not only there exists a whistle in the head, but also the tentacles are equipped with stimulating phonation mechanism. Once dogs chew or bit the octopus, it will make sound immediately which will attract their interest to let them busy playing toys for hours. Healthy Octopus Design: The durable enrichment toy is suitable for small and medium dogs. Benefited from the soft cotton material, the octopus won't damage gum and oral cavity. In fact, it helps to improve dog's mouth nursing care issues to a certain degree. Non-Toxic Material Inside: All of the materials don't contain corrosive chemical compositions which will never endanger dog's health when they play the gifts. Also, it's easy to wash by hand and washing machine.


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