Automotive Test Probe 6-24v Power Electrical Circuit Tester


Automotive Test Probe 6-24v Power Electrical Circuit Tester

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Wide application range: the circuit tester can be used to test continuity, test voltage polarity, check lamp, check motor, track and locate short circuit, test poor grounding contact, etc. Long test line: the cable length is about 16 feet, which allows you to easily test any electrical system. Short circuit protection: it can detect the short circuit of the unit immediately. Simple operation: after the device is simply connected to the battery of the vehicle, the vehicle technician can conduct the positive and negative current of the battery to the tip by shaking the power switch forward or backward. Comprehensive 6-24v DC test kit: do not use under AC voltage. Operating instructions: Unfold the cable of this machine Clip the red clip to the positive pole of the vehicle battery Clip the black clip to the negative pole of the vehicle battery Specifications: Color: Red Working voltage: 6-24v DC Cable length: 16ft Overload protection: 8A (when the current exceeds 8a, this item will automatically disconnect the current.) Package size: 26.5 * 9 * 4cm Package weight: 320G Packing list: 1 * circuit tester



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