Ion* intelligence of nature gut support - 16 oz

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Ion* intelligence of nature gut support - 16 oz

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Brand: ION* Intelligence of Nature Features: WHOLE HEALTH FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – Made in the USA and derived from all-natural ancient soil, ION* Gut Support (formerly RESTORE) is safe for adults and children, connecting the whole family to inherent health. GO BEYOND PROBIOTICS – Don't just supplement, support health from within. ION* Gut Support goes deeper than probiotics, strengthening your gut lining so that your microbiome can diversify on its own. FORTIFY YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM – Gut health equals immune health. And immune health equals complete wellbeing. ION* Gut Support has been scientifically shown to support the immune system (70% of which is in the gut). BOOST MOOD, ENHANCE MENTAL CLARITY – Your gut produces over 90% of the serotonin and over 50% of the dopamine that your body utilizes. Support the gut-brain connection so that you can stay balanced and thriving. SUPPORT DIGESTION – ION* Gut Support strengthens the gut lining so that foreign particles can’t trigger inflammation, helping to ensure proper digestion, as well as nutrient absorption and hydration. Part Number: ION* Parent Details: We unlocked Earth’s 60-million-year-old secret - Not so long ago, the world was rich with microbial life. Plants and animals flourished. The air was clean, water was pure, and humans thrived. That’s because we were deeply connected with nature. Call it a healthy relationship or a partnership, but it’s something we lost, and ION*Gut Health is bringing it back. ION*Gut Health reawakens and re-establishes connections at both microscopic and macro levels. Terrahydrite, the formula developed by Dr. Zach Bush, connects 60-million years ago with today by re-awakening soil carbons frozen in time. This fossilized soil from post-dinosaur, pre-human earth is the secret to ION*Gut Health’s healing support ION*Gut Health is a little piece of Pre-historic Earth’s love, for a better you today. What is ION*Gut Health? It’s a mineral supplement. Bigger – it’s a way to reconnect with nature. Bigger still – ION*Gut Health is the icebreaker your cells need to talk to each other like they’ve never talked before. ION*Gut Health is an all-natural, soil-derived supplement rich in a variety of humate substances, trace minerals, and amino acids discovered by Dr. Zach Bush. Better than a probiotic, Better than a prebiotic; ION*Gut Health is an awakener of connections. It’s a catalyst for redox signaling which maintains tight junction integrity in the epithelial layer of your gut lining. Put simply, ION*Gut Health is the power up for your gut lining that allows your NATURAL stomach bacteria to thrive ION*Gut Health goes beyond the scope of probiotics to support gut strength, mental clarity, and planetary health. It’s your ticket to a life synchronized with nature, a way to reject today’s unnatural toxic advances and find your true self. Detoxify your life and buy a 2-Month supply today  

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