Lightweight Portable Telescopic Stool

+ 配送料¥1,999

Lightweight Portable Telescopic Stool

Lightweight Portable Telescopic Stool

価格: ¥6,990
¥6,990 + 配送料¥1,999





FISH SCALE STRUCTURE & SPECIAL MATERIAL: Newly Designed Fish scale structure and modified plastic material gives the stool remarkable strength and rigidity. *PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: This telescopic stool dimeter 9.84 inches/250mm. There are two buckles on the top and bottom of the portable telescoping stool. You can also hold the two buckles to stretch them and turn them clockwise / counterclockwise, making them easy to open and close. The anti-slip bottom design also adds to its safety. *ULTRA STABLE PERFORMANCE: Benefitting from the special designed fish scale structure, scales interlamellar gap is further reduced to 0.1mm, making the stool body tighter (not loose) and more stable. Stools stretching and collapsing becomes easier and more smoothly. Together with non-slip base ensures safety and stability. *ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The telescoping stool can be adjusted to the desired height. 12 positions can be chosen according to your usage scenario. *WIDE APPLICATION - Portable telescoping stool is very suitable for indoor and outdoor, such as living room, bedroom, office, camping, travel, fishing, leisure, grilling, gardening, etc. The beauty, functionality, durability and portability of telescoping stool make it a best choice for friends and family for holidays or any occasions.


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