Transparent Anti-skid Adhesive Hooks


Transparent Anti-skid Adhesive Hooks

Transparent Anti-skid Adhesive Hooks

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Features: 1. Easy to use:The utility hooks can be utilized repeatedly after cleaning and dry; No tools required just peel off the cover to use and easy to reposition without surface damage. 2.Adhesive hook made of plastic material can grasp the surface firmly waterproof nail free oilproof; No sticky residue and stain no surface damage. 3. Common use: Nail free hooks are widely applied on wood glass frosted glass glass grid ceramic tiles metal surfaces non-paint walls and other hard flat surface. 4. Strong & Durable: Small hook great capability. Strong bearing weight. Washable can wash in water to recover stickness. Good elasticity easy to restore after bending. Specifications: 1.Material:Plastic 2.Load-bearing:3KG 3.Do not need viscose firm and durable can be used repeatedly 4.Can be waterproof oil proof dustproof. 5.Hook diaphragm if accidentally infected with dirt can use clear water or soft cleanser and then use the dry cold. 6.No glue marks hang mural clean as before. 7.Applies to any smooth surface (such as: glass ceramic tile plastic products metal products paint the walls and wood products). 8.Size:8x9cm 9. Quantity:1pcs Tips: 1.Do not use non smooth paste. 2.Do not hang fragile valuables avoid improper use of dangerous 3.Do not use in the cement wall leather cloth wallpaper wall calclum silicate plate.



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