Invisible Insole For Heightening

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Invisible Insole For Heightening

Invisible Insole For Heightening

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¥2,449 + 配送料¥1,999





Invisible insole for height increase, from 3 to 9 cm, booster cushion, adjustable fit, shoe, heel insert, larger support, foot pad, absorbent Details: height: add 3cm - 9cm height. Whether it's your sneakers, formal or casual shoes, you can fit them into almost any type and look remarkably taller. part is that those elevator shoe insoles stay hidden so no one ever knows the secret behind your increased height. BREATHABLE DESIGN: The insoles have air-cushioned s that provide maximum comfort to your heels and keep you feeling relaxed all day long. thickness is also limited to an optimum value just to ensure that it does not make your shoes too tight. : adjustable height, stealth, comfortable, impact resistant, breathable. Material: EVA, fiber. Gender: Unisex color Cut: size, full cushion free size 22.5cm-27cm; cushion free size 12.5cm. measurement, please allow 0.5cm error Package: 1 pair of soles increases


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