Toenail Scissors For Seniors

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Toenail Scissors For Seniors

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ProductA Better Pedicure ToolTired of contorting your body to reach your toes with a tiny, difficult-to-manipulate set of nail clippers? Or maybe youve had enough of nicks and cuts from toenail scissors with an awkwardly shaped blade. Luckily for you and your feet, the Happy Healthy Smart Long Handle Toenail Scissors has an easy-to-use, durable design.Our toenail scissors feature an ergonomic long handle that increases your reach while an angled blade provides accurate, safe cutting and a tight grip handle ensures you maintain comfortable control. A perfect pedicure tool for anyone with flexibility issues or difficult nails, this handy pair of scissors makes trimming your toenails a quick and easy task.Comfortable CutsThe wrong tool can make trimming your toenails an awkward, uncomfortable experience. Thats where the Happy Healthy Smart Long Handle Toenail Scissors come in.Our ergonomic design takes the hassle out of pedicures so you can comfortably trim your nails as needed. An extended 8 1/4 handle increases your reach so you dont strain your back or legs, while a tight grip handle and angled blade lets you make tidy cuts with comfortable control.Smart ScissorsErgonomic DesignNo need to fight with awkward nail clippers that slip out of your hands or pinch your skin because you cant see what youre doing. The Happy Healthy Smart Long Handle Toenail Scissors is ergonomically designed to give you a sturdy grip and better control.Durable ConstructionUnlike flimsy nail clippers, these premium long handle toenail scissors are made with stainless steel and a durable tight grip handle for long lasting quality you can rely on, pedicure after pedicure.



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