3 In 1 Filtration Head Shower With Ion Filter

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3 In 1 Filtration Head Shower With Ion Filter

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3 jet types With a simple rocker switch, this shower head can switch 3 different jet types: spray, massage and mix. Each mode is made to enhance your shower experience. High pressure & water saving The shower head has compact holes with a diameter of 0.2mm, thus increasing the water pressure and saving up to 50% water than normal shower heads. 2-layer filtration The infrared mineral stone and the negative ion mineral stones form a double filter system. The mineral stones have an antibacterial, ion-filtering, mineralizing and pH-neutral effect on the skin, making the skin smoother. Easy installation General size fits any standard size hose. Without tools or a handyman, you can install the shower head as easily as screwing it into a lightbulb yourself. Properties: Spray type 1: Mixture A gentle, wide jet of water from the outer rings, ideal for a mild shower. Jet type 2: Massage A very powerful, concentrated jet from the inner rings - relaxes the muscles. Jet type 3: SprayingIdeal for continuous use: the gentle outer jet keeps the whole body wet, the powerful inner jet cleanses, for example, washing shampoo out of the hair. Specifications: type: shower head color: as the picture shows total length: 23cm shower head diameter: 7.8cm Scope of delivery: 1* shower head


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