Autool Ct160 Fuel Injector Heating Ultrasonic Cleaner Tester Machine


Autool Ct160 Fuel Injector Heating Ultrasonic Cleaner Tester Machine

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AUTOOL CT160 is a fuel injector cleaning machine newly developed by AUTOOL TECH. It combines ultrasonic cleaning technology and microcomputer oil pressure closed-loop control cleaning and detection technology. This product simulates various engine working conditions and cleans and inspects various automobiles and motorcycle fuel injectors. Its unique design saves weight and volume, while further optimizing the product's functionality. With a larger cleaning tank and cleaning fluid heating effect, which can achieve better cleaning results. Operation steps. How to work--- AUTOOL CT160 Fuel Injector Cleaner Tester. Pour in the injector detergent and place the injectors in the ultrasonic cleaner tank. Connect the pulse signal wire and select the ultrasonic cleaning function tostart working.Pour in the test liquid, install the fuel injector to the fuel distributor and fix it to the main unit by bolts.Test if the injector is leaking or blocked under different functions. Working environment and technical parameters. Working environment. Power supply: AC220V plusmn;10%. Frequency: 50HZ plusmn;0.5. Relative humidity: lt;85%. Environment temperature: 040. External magnetic field strength: lt;400A/m. No open flames are allowed around. Technical parameters. Tank capacity:1300 ml. Range of rotation:0-7500r/min. PWM pulse width:020.0ms step 0.1ms. Time:020min. Cleaning frequency:40 kHz. Cylinder volume:180 ml. Injection times:09900 times, step 100ms. System pressure:00.6Mpa. Ultrasonic cleaning power:70W. Package dimensions:340*295*360mm.



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