Gps Hud Car Inclinometer Slope Meter


Gps Hud Car Inclinometer Slope Meter

価格: ¥10,390
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AUTOOL X90 GPS HUD Car Inclinometer Slope Meter extends the concept of the combination of HUD vehicle head display function and vehicle slope meter, intelligent navigation instrument obtains data from the satellite through the GPS/Bei Dou dual-channel module which has the advantages of strong search, stable signal, etc. Product Instructions. How to work--AUTOOL X90 GPS HUD Car Inclinometer Slope Meter. 1.Park the car on a level surface, stick the adhesive on the product, adjust and fix it in the vehicle for easy horizontal view. 2.Before driving, connect the power supply and wait to receive the satellite GPS signal until the data shows normal. 3.Long and hold the setting button and click the start button to adjust the electronic clock. 4.Press and hold the start button, and click the setting button to adjust the time of the X90.



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