66pcs Guitar Accessories Kit, Guitar Bones,for Guitar Players And Beginners

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66pcs Guitar Accessories Kit, Guitar Bones,for Guitar Players And Beginners

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3 Sets of Guitar StringSmooth and Balanced Strings, which are made of bronze with rustproof coating. 1 set of Multicoloured, 1 set of Red, 1 set of Gold; Each set include 6pcs guitar strings. E-1st .012 inch; B-2nd .016inch; G-3rd .024inch; D-4th .032inch; A-5th .042inch; E-6th .053inch. 66PCS Guitar Accessories Kit18 x guitar strings (3 sets, 6pcs/each set),16 x guitar picks (random colors),14 x guitar feet (7 white, 7 black),5 x thumb paddles (random color),4 x guitar silicone finger guards,1 x guitar capo,1 x guitar tuner (with instructions),1 x guitar string cutter,1 x guitar string winder,1 x guitar pick,2 x guitar bone bridge,2 x guitar bone bridge nut,for Guitar Players and Beginners Professional Guitar Tuner High sensitive vibration, bright large LED display,Simplicity and accuracy, clip-on tuner for chromatic, guitar, bass, ukulele, violin;Lightweight and compact size, suitable for music teachers, professional and beginning players.(Instructions included) 3 in 1 guitar string winder cutter and pin pullerUsing high-strength ABS hard plastic handle,made of stainless steel.Put the string,cut line,pull cone,3 in 1 multifunctional guitar maintenance tool.The ergonomic design makes string changes easier than ever before with it's built-in clippers,bridge pin puller,and peg winder.The peg winder is also designed to fit on virtually all guitars,truly making it a must have for every guitar lovers. More Useful Gadget Guitar picks and thumb picks,the smooth surface makes you comfortable for playing. Also come with 1pcs pick holder, you can stick it to your guitar and keeps picks close at hand. 12pcs guitar pins (7 ivory and 7 black, made of ABS) and 2pcs guitar bones (2 bone nut and 2 bone saddle). Acoustic guitar tools kit can remover your worry about replacing strings especially for music teachers,professional and beginning players. Package Included: 18 x guitar strings (3 sets, 6pcs/each set) 16 x guitar picks (random colors) 14 x guitar feet (7 white, 7 black) 5 x thumb paddles (random color) 4 x guitar silicone finger guards 1 x guitar capo 1 x guitar tuner (with instructions) 1 x guitar string cutter 1 x guitar string winder 1 x guitar pick 2 x guitar bone bridge 2 x guitar bone bridge nuts


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